Design OCD is a chronicle of my DIY, decorating, and home improvement adventures with a little bit of my other favorites (eating, drinking, traveling) thrown in.

After a winter wonderland forced a week long staycation, I decided I could no longer deal with my living room the way it was.  It was bringing me down instead of being a space that made me happy.  So I decided to do something about it, on a small budget.   I enlisted the help of a decorator friend and picked up her tricks of the trade.  I searched the internet and found a ton of inspirational blogs.   To share the journey that began with that initial living room makeover, I started this blog. Welcome!


See full disclosure here.


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  1. Tomei says:

    Ur blog is cool !

  2. joyce stewart says:

    Fabulous site!

  3. Sharon Wright says:

    I tried to subscribe not sure I did it right!

  4. Dianne McGriff says:

    I saw your house crash on younglovehouse website. You have a done a great job. I live in Mableton, Georgia, and I can see you love Goodwill and thrift shops. They have some great ones here. Enjoyed the crash. Take care.

  5. Jam Esq. says:

    totally LOVE your house And Love the blog EVEN more!

  6. Tracy Wilson says:

    Loving your blog to life!

  7. cindy says:

    Please subscribe to your email posts! Are you on Facebook? I love your ideas/projects!! 🙂

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