Last summer, I made my own tree stump table by removing the bark from a stump and adding 3 casters to the bottom to make it easy to move around.

At that time, I left the wood untreated but I recently updated it with a new finish.     Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish is a simple powder that you add to water and apply to bare, unfinished , stripped and sanded wood and it will produce a beautiful driftwood appearance usually within 15 minutes.

 It is not a stain but a product that reacts to the tannins in the wood to produce bluish/gray tones.  It reacts a little differently to each wood depending upon the amount of tannins in the wood.  Oak, walnut, and mahogany normally produce a very dark color (which can be lightened by diluting the product), and maple, birch, poplar, and pine normally produce light to medium blue/gray tones.  It does not work on balsa, parawood, rubberwood or Malaysian oak – it just doesn’t produce any noticeable color.

It is a subtle difference but I like the fact that the wood now has a finished coat.  I think the treatment would also work well for those popular unfinished pine armoires and a variety of DIY projects (for example, a mirror made with unfinished wood!).  Check out more ideas to make your own driftwood projects here.


DIY Driftwood provided the product for my honest feedback and review. All expressed opinions are my own.



Check this guy out!

I kinda love him.  I especially like the glossy, lacquer finish. And he’s not just good looking.   He’s a little quirky but also totally useful because this Victorian head is actually a container! Here he is on the mantel again with fabulous tulips for spring.

How fun is that?  And I also tried him out on the bar cart where at first he’s unassuming, but then functional as a holder for cocktail stirrers.  I just love when pretty things are also so useful.

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IMM Living provided the product for my honest feedback and review. All expressed opinions are my own.


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