We have so many friends and family with anniversaries in the spring time (March, April, May) that I got a little stumped in terms of gift ideas.  I mean, I embroidered a few items for gifts, but not every household will really make use of monogrammed napkins.   Fortunately, I believe fresh flowers are appropriate for every occasion and decided champagne would be a festive, no-fail gift for my friends celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  So, since I put together a small basket to house their champagne, I then decided to just substitute another bottle of wine into gift baskets for all of the others.

For this basket, along with wine and fresh flowers, I included a dish towel and a wine stopper, as well as a card.

I just tailor the wine to their individual tastes.  And if the recipient doesn’t like wine, you can just substitute their favorite beverage instead.

I think what makes the entire package really special is the fact it’s delivered right to your front doorstep!

Give it a try and put one together for your next anniversary celebration!

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Three years ago, I posted about a photo shoot that took place in our newly remodeled kitchen.  The article has been published and our kitchen is featured in Better Homes & Garden’s Kitchen + Bath Makeovers Spring 2015 edition!

There have been a handful of minor changes since the photos were taken in 2012.

  • I painted the backs of the glass fronted cabinets
  • The wine fridge was not cooling well and I replaced it with an all black model
  • Replaced the black microwave with a white microwave

It’s exciting to see the final article in print.  Pick up a copy to check out the details.



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