We recently replaced the outlets on both sides of the bed in our master bedroom and now they are my favorite outlets in the entire house.

In addition to the convenience, and luxe, modern feeling – it makes the room feel a little hotel-like, these USB outlets charge quickly!

I ordered this one from Amazon and installed it myself in about 15 minutes following the instructions that came with it. Changing it out was pretty straightforward, the key is shutting off the electricity at the breaker.  My bedroom breaker wasn’t labeled so it took some testing to find the right one and that took the most time! I took a picture of the way the old outlet was connected before disconnecting it but I ended up not even needing to reference the picture.

It’s definitely nice to have direct connect high speed charging stations and not worry about adapters.  We just keep our USB cables plugged in here all the time.   Naturally, because I’m prone to obsess, I want to put these everywhere!  Of course, I don’t really need them everywhere, but maybe one per room would be nice!   For the home office, I went with a USB power strip instead of a wall outlet in order to plug in more than two devices. This might be an easy option for your home as well!


Not only do we have a small half bath, we have yet another small bathroom (the guest bath) upstairs.   I previously posted the details of the changes in this small 5 x 7 foot space over the years but thanks to the water damage fiasco, it now has been remodeled for the second time in the last 10 years.   The pipe that burst was in the wall behind the vanity in this bathroom.

small bathroom
The water mitigation crew tore out the old vanity as part of their clean up and the water damage  also affected the plywood sub floor underneath the porcelain tile floor.   Here’s a shot of the old flooring, with a glimpse of the new marble tile I chose for the floor. The floor space is only 25 square feet so I thought this was a good area to splurge in.

porcelain tile floor
I originally chose a vanity with an open space at the bottom, I think that would help the room not feel as small as it is.  But, forces were working against me and, after waiting a month for it to be delivered it did not work in the room and so this one is actually my third choice.  It does have much more storage than the old, so there’s that, which is nice in small space.  You win some, you lose some.

Because we installed beadboard during the first bathroom update, right after we moved in, there’s a lot of white trim and molding,  so I went dark with the wall color! Basically the components that went into this bathroom remodel include:

  • New flooring – Carrara white hexagon marble tile from Floor & Decor
  • Fresh coat of paint – Behr Ultra White on all trim and Benjamin Moore Hale Navy on walls
  • 3o inch Gray vanity with Carrara marble top from Home Depot (vs the 24 inch vanity previously there)
  • Subway tile bathtub surround to ceiling (vs beige square tiles that stopped at 6 feet before)
  • Mirror switch out (swapped mirrors with the half bath)

Here are some before and afters:


small bathroom
bathroom before
navy bathroom

While it was a painful seven weeks, this bathroom marks the wrap up of the construction work resulting from the busted pipe.  So glad that is behind us now!

TDC Before and After
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