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We first installed battery operated LED puck lights underneath the cabinets after our kitchen remodel but they ended up not being very practical.  The lighting was dim and more of a spotlight on a focused area.   I see the importance of having a lighting plan in place when approaching a remodel.  It’s much easier to install wired lighting while things (cabinets, back splashes, etc) are torn apart than once it is all put back together.   However, if you are like me and realized this after the fact, or maybe you are renting and cannot install hard wired lighting, this solution works MUCH better than our previous solution.

Ikea has several options for under the cabinet lighting but we selected the LEDBERG.   It is a $15 strip of LED lights that can be connected together (up to 4).  These strips plug in and have an on/off switch at the base .   Installation hardware (plastic clips and screws) is included in the package.   They are bright, don’t make any noise, and are easy to turn on and off.  I LOVE having this extra lighting. It makes such a difference when cooking and using the counter top but it also provides a lovely glow at night to be able see in the kitchen without turning on the overhead light.

I hid the wires and switch using Velcro so they are out of sight.   Of course, since they are not hard wired, they do take up a slot in the outlet, but that’s okay in my space.  These lights would work well in other areas of the home too, i.e. bookshelves, closets. I want to put them everywhere!


I found a box of new glass mugs at a thrift store recently and decided to gift them to some friends celebrating their wedding anniversary.

But first, I had to personalize them with a monogram.  I’m getting a lot of mileage out of my Martha Stewart etching supplies from Michaels.  This was a two step process since I added a little more flourish than just the letter of their last name.   Along with two different letter sizes, numbers, and some floral embellishments, the Martha Stewart adhesive stencil set also comes with a wreath stencil that is perfect for circling an individual letter stencil.

For the mugs,  I placed the wreath stencil in place,  allowed 30 minutes for the cream to etch the glass  (supplies needed and tutorial described in more detail here) and then washed off  the cream and placed the letter stencil in the middle of the  already etched circle.

I etched four mugs for their gift (see how it turned out here).  I think they are lovely serving mugs for tea and wouldn’t they also be great for a hot chocolate bar?

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