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I found a box of new glass mugs at a thrift store recently and decided to gift them to some friends celebrating their wedding anniversary.

But first, I had to personalize them with a monogram.  I’m getting a lot of mileage out of my Martha Stewart etching supplies from Michaels.  This was a two step process since I added a little more flourish than just the letter of their last name.   Along with two different letter sizes, numbers, and some floral embellishments, the Martha Stewart adhesive stencil set also comes with a wreath stencil that is perfect for circling an individual letter stencil.

For the mugs,  I placed the wreath stencil in place,  allowed 30 minutes for the cream to etch the glass  (supplies needed and tutorial described in more detail here) and then washed off  the cream and placed the letter stencil in the middle of the  already etched circle.

I etched four mugs for their gift (see how it turned out here).  I think they are lovely serving mugs for tea and wouldn’t they also be great for a hot chocolate bar?

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When I go into Goodwill looking for something specific, it usually doesn’t work out.    This time must’ve been the exception to the rule.   A friend mentioned that she was looking for furniture to setup a makeup studio in her home.  She wanted a small vanity or something similar to store all of her supplies.  On my next trip to Goodwill, I found this gray, metal cart.  It looked like something used for storing tools in the garage.

With a little tweaking, I thought it could be a versatile piece to use for her makeup.   The first thing I did was give it several coats of spray paint.  I used Rustoleum’s Gloss Sun Yellow.   It seemed really hard to get an even smooth coverage so I had several rounds of spraying, sanding, spraying again – which takes some time – and the finish still didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. I must be doing something wrong.

After painting,  I drilled four holes in the two drawers.  This was my first time selecting a drill bit and drilling through metal. It took some trial and error on the first hole to get the size right for the knobs I already had on hand (use what you got!).

Originally, I wanted to use a pretty striped paper on the top surface with a piece of plexiglass to cover it.   I didn’t realize plexiglass, at least in that size, is quite pricey!   It would’ve been cheaper to use a piece of real glass.  I scrapped that plan and went with plan B :  vinyl shelf liner.   I used this black and white design by Con-Tact.

shelf liner

The liner is non-adhesive, but for the very top of the cart, I used a spray adhesive I already had to keep it in place and make it easy to wipe.   We lined  the drawers also but without the additional spray adhesive.

A little paint, some knobs, and shelf liner made this metal cart much more presentable for indoor use.

I styled it as a bar cart, since I love them, but really it could be used in a bathroom, a kitchen, or even in a craft room.  My friend is going to use it for her makeup so when she gets it home and setup I’ll have to take a picture to share.

Have you repurposed or remade anything lately?

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