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I love scrolling through pictures of pretty spaces so I am excited to share a small tour of a fellow blogger’s home. Melanie, from the French Cottage, is local so I was able to visit her house in person and snap pictures to share! Melanie has an education in interior design and her home definitely reflects that.  She also is a woman after my own heart with her DIY projects!  She is ambitious too – she tackles woodworking projects.   Let’s take a look!

The front room in her home is a playroom for her son, but it’s definitely not neglected in terms of design.   What I like about this room is that it has features specifically for her young son, but there aren’t toys everywhere!  Everything has a place and the feel is more sophisticated than an elementary school room.  And of course, I always love stripes!

She built and installed both the shelves for the books and the large chalkboard pictured above.

Her son’s bedroom is playful and bright and, while everything has a place when it’s time to put things away, you can tell he still feels comfortable playing here too.

The floor plan is an open one, so the family room and dining room are open to each other at the center of the house.   More DIY projects abound in these rooms too.

The map of Memphis on the back wall belonged to Melanie’s parents and she took it home and built a frame to mount and hang in her home.

I loved this framed message displaying the Wi-Fi login information!  What a great idea that I will be borrowing for our house too.

The star of the dining room is the shelving unit.  Melanie designed and built these shelves herself!  They are beautiful AND functional–look how they store all of her entertaining items.

Melanie also has a talent for landscape architecture.  Her two level yard is beautiful with lots of flowering plants, herbs, and multiple spaces to relax and entertain.

 I totally enjoyed touring her home and need her to come over and help me with my backyard!! To see more of her home and projects visit the French Cottage blog!


My favorite thing at my cousin’s candy store, Sweet Box, is actually not the candy, it’s the art!  She commissioned three pieces just for the store and I love the simplicity: colorful lollipops on a white canvas.   I think it’s a great idea for a child’s space too, perhaps on an even larger scale.

Here’s one of the paintings in context with the rest of the store.

Of course, she has some really neat candy too (like chocolate made with Tabasco sauce – it’s actually good!) and lots of novelty items, including bacon flavored soda.

You can create your own customized ‘sweet box’, a container with dividers to fill different sections, from the specialty bulk items stored in the jars lining the main display shelving …

…or choose from individually wrapped old favorites.

The display ideas in a candy shop can translate to your home as well if you store baked/wrapped goods (like granola bars) or bulk supplies (like flour & sugar) in your favorite glass containers.    We use glass apothecary jars (from Homegoods) on our kitchen counter to have easy access outside the pantry to cookies and nuts.

Do you have a specialty candy store near you?   Have you come across all the bacon flavored candy?  Wild!

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