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I’ve had two commonly asked questions with our recent kitchen renovation (besides ‘what was that on the walls?‘),  so today I’m answering them together.

Q: What’s in the drawers to the right of the oven?

A:  Those drawers are small, aren’t they?  Before the kitchen renovation, I kept all serving utensils, chopping knives, measuring spoons, etc in the set of drawers next to the fridge.

Now, I keep those items in these small drawers.  I placed items in the drawers based on how often they are used.  I use knives often for food prep, so they reside in the top drawer.   The measuring spoons, spatulas,  and stirring spoons are used pretty frequently as well and are in the second drawer.  The bottom drawers holds things like kebob skewers and pie weights that I use very infrequently.   It’s a small space, but I’m glad it’s useful for something instead of being dead space.

Q:  Are you going to keep your curtains that long?

A:  Nope.  Right now, they are definitely pooling on the floor and I want them to just barely graze the floor.   I have every intention of cutting and hemming those curtains with the no sew, iron on hem tape provided with Ikea curtains.    I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.   I want to wash them first so I’ll know the extent of fabric shrinkage and cut appropriately.

This weekend, I plan on RELAXING.  I am still recouping from a whirlwind wedding weekend – my brother got married last Saturday.   Hope you all have a good one!

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