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Do NOT underestimate the power of an organized, clean closet.  It can work some mental magic.   It just feels so good to know there is no mess behind closed doors.

This is a shared office space for two, but until recently, I’ve been the one who uses the space the most.  I updated this room a few years back. It went from looking like this:

to looking like this:

I’ve recently started a new hobby, machine embroidery, requiring  storage for new supplies. Ultimately, to help with storage, I want to install a set of built-in shelves on each side of the window.   But I was able to make a quick update to the office closet to help with storing our supplies right now! This update only took two hours total so you can do this on a weekend and have plenty of time left over to sit back and feel accomplished. Here’s what it looked like before:

I measured the closet space to determine the length of shelves needed. At Home Depot, I purchased one 12 foot melamine board and had it cut in store into two 44 inch pieces.   I bought four 12 inch metal brackets to hold the shelves.  The brackets are rated to hold up to 250 lbs, so they are strong and sturdy.  At home, we used a stud finder to locate the studs behind the closet wall and marked them with a pen.   Then we just used the drill to screw the brackets into place, using a level to make sure everything lined up.   The shelf installation literally took about 30 minutes.   Painting two coats of white paint took the rest of the time.

Now the closet functions much better for us, as an easy to access space to store our hobby and craft supplies.

Don’t wait! If you have a closet that isn’t performing as it should, make a quick update to make it work better for you!

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I’ve heard the average worker carries at least three mobile devices.  Even if you don’t actually have them all with you at once, it seems on average people own at least three devices (cell phone, tablet, and laptop).   That means we all have to have some way to charge and connect those devices and therefore we are constantly dealing with wires and cables.

When I made over our home office, I made sure to buy special wire clips to keep all the wires organized and streamlined.   But our wire situation wasn’t just confined to the office.   I charge my cell phone, and sometimes my laptop, at night so the devices are plugged in at the outlet right next to my night table.  I often had to root around on the floor for the end of the cable to plug in my phone.  So, I was excited to try out the MOS.  MOS stands for magnetic organization system and it’s an organizer which keeps cables neat on your surface, instead of in a mess on the floor, by using magnets.

The organizer is basically a magnetic triangular shaped device that comes in three finishes:  white, black (heavy duty plastic), or aluminum. Each finish is scratch resistant and the bottom of the organizer has non-sticky micro suction tape to hold it firmly to your surface.  It also comes with a round 3M double-sided adhesive in the middle so you can mount it to the wall and run your wires vertically.

I usually charge my tablet in the living room so I also used it there.   My organizer came with 3 blue rubber magnetic cable ties and I used those for the cables that did not magnetically stick to the organizer.   You wrap the cable tie around the cable and the magnet in the tie connects with the magnet in the base.

It’s a clever and sleek way to corral the cables and not have to worry about rooting around for them behind furniture or on the floor.  And since it’s a magnet it can be used for other things as well. I like the idea of mounting it to the wall and using it as a spot for your keys!

Sewell Direct provided a MOS for my honest feedback and review. All expressed opinions are my own.

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