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I have enjoyed watching plants bloom even more since we’ve finished the first phase of landscaping.   I went around the yard and snapped a few pictures to remember the season.

[top right: baptisia, top left: I’ve forgotten
bottom left: bearded iris, camelia]

Last weekend I snipped just a few of the hydrangea blooms and had enough to make 3 small bouquets. These flowers are so full and pretty, you can literally chop and drop them.  Just place them in a vase of water for a good looking arrangement.

I got a little adventurous and decided to use one of my many silver bowls for an arrangement with less height. Have you tried using something other than a typical vase to display flowers?  Pitchers and bowls work well too. I love filling the house with blooms, especially for free!

Here’s to a beautiful weekend!


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I found some fab flowers on clearance at Kroger this past weekend.   I bought both white and red tulips and as you may have seen on Facebook, a small bunch of hyacinth.  I wish you could smell the hyacinth – it’s wonderful!

While I don’t think you can go wrong with flowers alone as a gift, this time I cut and arranged the white tulips in a pink vase and used them as part of a gift basket for an expectant first time mom.

I already had the vase and the basket but if you don’t already have those items on hand they are quite plentiful and really inexpensive at thrift stores.   Besides the bouquet of flowers, I added in a few treats:   tea, dark chocolate almonds, sparkling water, a candle (the Citrus Ginger scent by Caldrea is so lovely!), and Burt’s Bees Belly Butter.  Although it’s not pictured, I also included a book for the parents to read to baby.

This was my first time putting together a basket like this and I want to make more.  It is fun to find and build a container of treats you know someone likes.  It feels more tailored and personalized and it was pretty easy to do!

Have you created gift baskets? Or added any fresh flowers for spring?


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