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We were snowed in last week so I started some paint projects.  I first started painting a closet (all of our closets need painting!) but when I realized how many coats it would need (the paint color is a pink/raspberry) I stopped and started this project for instant gratification.

I’ve long wanted to do something to the back of our glass fronted kitchen cabinets.  This was a really quick fix.  It took longer for the paint to dry than it did to actually paint them.  Here is how they’ve looked since the kitchen remodel two years ago.

And after a little less than hour here’s their new look:

I just painted the back of the cabinet with a small quart of dark gray “oops” paint found in the paint section at Lowes.   I don’t even know the name of the color because it wasn’t labeled.

I love the change and like what a quick fix this is. You can do the same thing on any freestanding or mounted bookshelf in your home too!


I took a lesson from the BH&G shoot.   Remember how Lisa styled the kitchen with little pops of orange? She had orange cups in the glass fronted cabinets, orange food (cantalopes, orange juice) and orange accessories on the corner shelves.

Even though orange is not my favorite color, it all looked great,  and I decided I should have the same kind of look everyday.    I already have blue rimmed glasses stored in the glass-fronted cabinets so I just needed to repeat that blue on shelves.  While I was at Ikea looking for curtains, I saw those cute little blue cups (I love seeded glass).   $3 for the pair.   And then I just happened to find a half white, half blue bowl on clearance at Marshalls.   It was almost too easy.    The owl is a dollar bin find from Target and I like it because it’s not just a figurine, it has an opening to be a little vase for flowers or a holder for supplies.

Having a pretty bowl on the bottom shelf isn’t just for looks.  That’s where we stash the tv remotes out of sight.

So, that’s my little blue update.   The nice thing is, it’s easy to rotate things in and out of this corner, maybe it will change with seasons.  Since the shoot, I’ve also decided it would be great to have bunches of fresh roses delivered weekly, but I haven’t found a way to make that happen yet.

Do you have an area that’s easy to update when the mood strikes?

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