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Several months ago I purchased a basic, beginner embroidery machine.   I started off stitching simple letters (on napkins, and children’s clothing). Since then, I have added a few tools to be able to add the personalized touch of a monogram to fabric.

I am using Monogram It software along with a Little Max card reader.   The Little Max card reader attaches to my laptop via USB cable and allows me to save files in the PES format (for my Brother machine) to a card, which I then insert in the embroidery machine directly.  The Monogram It software allows me to create various monograms, from one to four letter styles.   I am enjoying this software and my new capabilities!

MonogramIt software

Here are a few shots of items I’ve stitched recently!

An apron featuring new initials for a newlywed.

Zippered pouches, from Michael’s, great for travel or just organizing items in a purse!  A monogram dresses up a plain pouch and makes such a lovely personalized gift!

Waffle robes.  These Turkish cotton robes are fabulous and remind me of a luxurious spa!

If you are interested in obtaining the software or the card reader, contact Stitch N Craft Supply for more information.  I am really loving the personalized touch embroidery adds to everyday items!

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We have so many friends and family with anniversaries in the spring time (March, April, May) that I got a little stumped in terms of gift ideas.  I mean, I embroidered a few items for gifts, but not every household will really make use of monogrammed napkins.   Fortunately, I believe fresh flowers are appropriate for every occasion and decided champagne would be a festive, no-fail gift for my friends celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  So, since I put together a small basket to house their champagne, I then decided to just substitute another bottle of wine into gift baskets for all of the others.

For this basket, along with wine and fresh flowers, I included a dish towel and a wine stopper, as well as a card.

I just tailor the wine to their individual tastes.  And if the recipient doesn’t like wine, you can just substitute their favorite beverage instead.

I think what makes the entire package really special is the fact it’s delivered right to your front doorstep!

Give it a try and put one together for your next anniversary celebration!

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