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I’m party planning again, which is always fun (check out a few ideas from an anniversary party earlier this year).  I put together these matchstick holders to give away as party favors!   I love the monogrammed version of the holder made by Sugar & Cloth, but since I had to put 80 of these together, I decided to forego the etched letter.

I used Martha Stewart’s etching cream (which I’ve used on other projects here and here) to etch the bottom of the bottles.  The etching cream results in a roughed up surface to strike the match.  Still, the key to this project is strike anywhere matches!  Strike them on the etched bottom of the glass and they ignite just fine.  (The regular strike on box matches will not work).

I used Avery string labels as tags wrapped around the bottles. The labels were a little too big as is and dwarfed the bottles,  so I modified them by cutting them down to a smaller size.  One side of the label says:  a perfect match and the other side says:  strike on bottom!

These bottles from Amazon were $50 for 96.  I found the matches at Ace Hardware for $1.50/box (2 boxes of 300 each).  The total cost came to just $0.68/per favor and they are so cute!  I love how they are useful too, especially for people like me who burn candles frequently and appreciate having matches nearby!



We have been very busy over the past few weeks with a variety of things but part of the activity has included hosting overnight guests from Russia (actually for two weeks).   Along with making sure our everyday guest room was ready, we also set up the office as a temporary guest room.   That meant upgrading a futon mattress from thin to thick along with new sheets.

I am a big fan of white bedding (and use them on our master bed) because it’s simple, fresh, and easy to clean.  But I recently picked up two sets of sheets from Marshall’s for our guest spaces and I went with patterned linens – specifically polka dots!  I chose red polka dots for the temporary guest space in the office but blue polka dots for the guest room.  They are so fun and I love the change!

I’m also always on the lookout for good gift ideas whether they are DIY, like this gift basket or jar,  or just useful or fun finds, like this vase,  so I wanted to share that I love these Land’s End totes to give as gifts!   I ordered two  for our house guests and they are really great quality.   The canvas is really thick and they are sturdy enough so that they stand up on their own.  I am also loving the combo of navy trim with green embroidered letters.

Almost everyone can use a extra bag around, and being able to embroider it with a monogram, word, or graphic makes it a great gift for a wedding, anniversary, graduation – pretty much any occasion!


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