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On my list of things to do this year is organize and improve the closet situation.   Really, I want to completely revamp my master bedroom closet and design it for better storage and organization.

But before I get there, I decided a first step for the closets in the other bedrooms could be a quick update with paint.   Wouldn’t it be fun to see a bright color when you open a typical, lackluster closet door? I wasn’t quite sure which direction to go in, until I saw this clearance shelf in Lowe’s one day.

Look at all that pink!  I picked up a few quarts to paint the closet in our guest room, which happens to feature fuschia curtains.   The closet in this room is where we store our luggage, but it’s also where guests can hang their items during their stay.

After emptying the closet,  I patched holes (left from removing old wire shelving) and taped off the carpet.   I wanted to see what kind of coverage Pantone paint has so I just started painting.  That was a mistake because I should’ve primed the walls first.  1. This closet has not been painted in over 20 years and 2.  Pink is like red, it takes a lot of coats to get the right coverage.   [I painted 4 coats of red in the dining room!]

I got so uninspired after the 2nd coat went on and you could barely tell a difference between it and the first coat.  I kind of gave up on the project and just quickly finished the 3rd coat using up all the paint I had .  It could use another coat but I gave up and called it done.

I took the opportunity to sort through all of the stuff we were storing in there and I was able to throw away and donate items so that there’s actually less in there now than there was before – which is a good thing!

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I am conflicted by the results of this latest change but I’m here to share it nonetheless.    I have commented often on my complete disdain for the molding in the living room.  It’s not the molding itself, it’s the color of the stain.  It just immediately identifies 1986!

In addition to it’s orange undertones and general awfulness, it seems that different types of wood were used to piece it all together.  Some of the pieces stained differently than others resulting in quite a mix of wood tones in the room.

Having to work around this molding (my husband requested that it not be painted white) was the driving factor for the paint colors on the wall.  I tried to choose colors that cooperated well and toned it down instead of accentuating it.

So, I say all of that to say:  I changed it!   The molding is now darker and richer.   I do like the color a lot better than before but it’s not perfect and the process was a nightmare.

I used Miniwax Polyshades in Espresso to update all of the wood trim in the room.   I first started with a natural bristle stain brush and spread the product on the wood but later switched to a foam brush.  I found the product hard to work with.  First of all, I did sand very lightly over the wood before applying the product.  Here you can really see the color difference between the untouched crown molding and the updated door trim.

 You can’t use too much of the product on the brush and even using thin coats, it doesn’t spread easily.  I think it’s basically a tinted polyurethane. It seemed like once it’s exposed to the wood you are applying it to and the air it becomes hard to work with and smears.   That makes blending in where you stopped and where you need to reapply a bit hard.  It took me two hours to do all the trim on one wall (the wall the couch is on). The instructions say you should then sand again, with steel wool, and reapply another coat.    I did this in one small area and quickly decided I would not be doing it on the rest of the room because the product was hard to work with and the final coat just too dark for my preferences.

So that’s the conflict:  I wouldn’t recommend the product used, but I’m happy the 1986 orange-hued wood is gone.



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