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We recently replaced the outlets on both sides of the bed in our master bedroom and now they are my favorite outlets in the entire house.

In addition to the convenience, and luxe, modern feeling – it makes the room feel a little hotel-like, these USB outlets charge quickly!

I ordered this one from Amazon and installed it myself in about 15 minutes following the instructions that came with it. Changing it out was pretty straightforward, the key is shutting off the electricity at the breaker.  My bedroom breaker wasn’t labeled so it took some testing to find the right one and that took the most time! I took a picture of the way the old outlet was connected before disconnecting it but I ended up not even needing to reference the picture.

It’s definitely nice to have direct connect high speed charging stations and not worry about adapters.  We just keep our USB cables plugged in here all the time.   Naturally, because I’m prone to obsess, I want to put these everywhere!  Of course, I don’t really need them everywhere, but maybe one per room would be nice!   For the home office, I went with a USB power strip instead of a wall outlet in order to plug in more than two devices. This might be an easy option for your home as well!


I recently painted the half bath and it really freshened up the space.   It is a very small room, even for a ‘half bathroom’ (meaning it only has a toilet and sink, no shower or tub) but it’s still nice to pay attention to small spaces. Sometimes it’s even easier to make changes in these areas since less space can mean less expenses.

half bathroom

The only picture I found from way-back-when doesn’t show the full bathroom but it does show that it had a solid wood cabinet vanity and wall paper.

Several years ago we replaced the vanity with a pedestal sink and then a few years after that we replaced the pedestal sink with the current wood vanity, which has an open shelf underneath a granite topped sink.  It was a special sale at Lowes and I couldn’t pass up the price.

small bathroom
A few years back, we added the shelves above the toilet (my mom built them!) but a couple of things are new to the room as a result of the remodeling done during the water damage fiasco.

  • New light fixture (from Shades of Light) thanks to the old one being broken during sheet rock work
  • Crown molding, that encapsulates the shelving too.  LOVE crown molding, if in doubt about it – just go for it!
  • New paint color – Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp (same color used in master bedroom); the previous beige color had a textured finish
  • Tushy bidet attachment for the toilet
  • Rug (with positive affirmation – who doesn’t need more of that?)

small bathroom
The color face lift is a welcome change and so glad to be wrapping all the work stemming from the busted pipe!

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