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I spent last weekend in Manhattan.  It was a great trip and while I was there,  I took out time Sunday morning to visit an indoor/outdoor flea market on the Upper West side.  This market had everything from vintage furs, jewelry, art, rugs, and furniture to fresh, locally made soaps, lotions, and food! Here’s how the setup outside looks.

The market is held on public school property.  Here’s a glimpse of the indoor setup.

At a booth selling hand made African art, I found a hot pink JuJu hat for $175.  I also saw them at Scott’s Antique Market here a few month’s ago but they were selling for $300.

There was a booth that put together ‘time capsules’ with old artifacts from the past.  This is definitely an idea you can borrow for projects of your own using shadow boxes (Ikea has inexpensive ones) and any meaningful items you already have.

These chairs were my absolute favorite!  They are fabulously redone by the Divine Chair company (for more info click here).

What inspiration!  These chairs have such great color and pattern combinations! Did you spot that yellow Ikat fabric chair with a pink frame?  I used that same combination (pink & yellow) when I made my pushpin jewelry corkboard.   You could use the same color combinations on a chair of your own or another crafty project.

I only ended up purchasing one thing, a silver necklace, but it was definitely fun to be on the hunt.   Have you been to a flea market lately?  Any good finds?

Today, I’m also guest posting at What’s Ur Home Story! Click on over to read about my favorite small projects from last year.


As you learned from the new addition in the dining room, we went to Scott’s last weekend.  I get a little bit giddy going there.   You can find anything at Scott’s!  It was a beautiful day and we toured a bit more of the outside vendors than last time, before getting hot and hungry.   We ate lunch at the southern food place inside, but next time it will be the greek place (that line was long!).    Here are a few of the items spied out.

I like wingback chairs and I liked the heavy linen fabric on this one and the fact that it was skirted!

Juju hats for $300 each.

Intaglios.  I have always thought these were so cool.  They are kind of the opposite of cameos. Cameos are a raised image and intaglios are hollowed out so the image is recessed.  Long ago, they were used as an identifying marker or stamp on letters.   These came framed and were $700!

I want one of these shells, but this one was too expensive.   I’ve seen some faux ones, made of plaster, at Z Gallerie and online.   Look here for shell inspiration!

These chairs were kind of cool. 


LOVED these wired light fixtures.  They were made from old farm parts and bottles.   Different sizes  and different bottle colors.


If you want to see more stuff from Scott’s, check out Sherry and Dayka’s  round ups too!

P.S. The blog got a little update in the form of a new header!  The old header was something I threw together quickly and never revisited.   This time around, I had an emerging talent in graphic design, Melanie Washington, come up with something that better reflects the direction I want the blog to go in.  It’s such a fresh improvement!

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