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Mmmm…donuts.  That word is almost like ‘pie’.  It just evokes a warm, good feeling!

For the past few months, my friend, who got married 15 years ago, said if she ever had it to do over, she would have donuts at her wedding in lieu of a cake.   She loves them THAT much!  As her 15th wedding anniversary date drew near, we decided to throw a surprise anniversary party and knew that we just had to serve donuts.   I first thought about ordering a display to serve the donuts, but then decided to make it myself.

I found the perfect frame for my project at Goodwill!  Fortunately for me, the frame still had the cardboard picture backing in it and so I used that as a template. I took the cardboard template to Home Depot and had a piece of pegboard cut to size to fit inside the frame.


Pegboard comes in a white melamine finish so I spray painted it gold.   I used the staples already in the frame to hold the artwork in place to hold the pegboard in place too.  I bought 4 ft dowels  in the same diameter as the pegboard holes. I spray painted the dowels gold as well and cut them down to 3 inch lengths to insert into the holes.  I pushed them in about a half inch so there was no chance they would slide out.

Pegboard – $20 for one sheet, plenty left over after the 35in x 45in piece was cut
Dowels – $4
Frame – $8
Paint – $4

DIY Donut Wall

For the final presentation at the party,  I added a few things I already had to the display: a string of fairy lights, a chalkboard sign, and paper flowers.  I also used a set a of round paper doilies  as backing on the wall for each donut.  We set it all up for the party using an aluminum easel (rated to hold 25 lbs, so no problem for my 13lb wall).

We are so fortunate to have a chef among us in our group of friends. Chef provided the real stars of the show, a custom flavor just for the guests of honor:  vanilla bourbon glazed bacon donuts!   She made them from scratch which she tells me is a two day process.   Not only was the presentation beautiful, but dessert was truly delicious!

The wall was such a hit and the anniversary couple loved it!  And it’s the gift that keeps on giving! They get to keep it and have a donut wall as often as they want at all their future events.


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To keep it simple, I usually like to serve one signature cocktail when entertaining for the evening. Because I love champagne, I recently setup a self-service champagne bar when hosting game night at our house.

DIY Champagne Bar

This is an easy, festive, and colorful idea for an evening in, or a special party occasion (maybe a bridal or wedding shower). The idea is you provide the champagne (or in this case, Spanish cava) and extra ingredients that guests can use to customize the taste to their preferences.  You can add as many or as few ingredients as you want to the bar.

I kept it pretty simple with just a few items:

  • Lime wedges
  • Pink rock candy
  • White candy pearls
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Peach puree

Some prefer their cocktails a little sweeter and some prefer tart so it’s nice to have a mix of both.  You can also add other liqueurs for an extra kick and flavor (St. Germain would be nice!) Give it a try and enjoy!

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