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Oh the fun of a surprise party! All the planning and excitement comes to fruition when the guest of honor arrives and truly is surprised!   Two friends and I threw a surprise 10th anniversary party this past weekend for a lovely couple.   We split up the planning, they handled food and I handled decorations and cake.

anniversary cake

Our goal was to keep things simple but elegant along with keeping costs down.  We chose our color scheme, metallics (gold & silver) with black and white, based on what we already had in our arsenals.    For example, I have 16 silver chargers and my friend had a set of gold chargers.

I rented three 60 inch round tables and twenty five chair covers from a party rental company to host 24 guests (8 per table).   We used metal folding chairs we already had and draped the chair covers over them.

For the tables:
I spent $30 on fresh flowers and made three centerpieces for the three tables.  I arranged hydrangeas and roses in the elevated candle holders and then we placed those flowers arrangements on a mirror charger and surrounded with tea lights.

I wanted to do a napkin presentation that didn’t require a napkin ring.  Napkin rings are nice, but if you don’t make your own, they can be pricey, and then you have to store them.   I decided on the pinwheel napkin fold because it’s really easy to do and looks lovely.

I set up a photo area by using polka-dotted craft paper taped on the wall as a backdrop.  For a photo prop, I made a little chalkboard sign (with a wooden sign from Michael’s and a bottle of chalkboard spray paint)  for guests to identify how many years they’ve been married (or any other fun message) in the photo.

When the guests of honor finally arrived, I was so excited I screeched a little too long!   It was so fun to put it together and I am so glad they were truly surprised.  Three cheers to my two co-hosts – we did it!


I threw a Favorite Things party recently for a girls night in.   The concept makes for a fun a night: get together with friends and gift them one of your favorite things.  There seem to be several variations but here’s how it worked (and this is exactly what I put on the invitations): Please choose one of your favorite things costing no more than $6.  Bring 5 of those to share with the group. You will also go home with 5 new favorite things.

It’s fun to discover what your friends like and find new things.  I also asked everyone to bring their favorite appetizer or dessert.  This makes it even easier to host because you don’t have to stress about providing everything yourself.   For the non-wine drinkers (more for me!), I made a festive punch.   Here’s the recipe so you can give it a try!

2 cups cranberry juice
2 cups pineapple juice
1 cup banana flavored rum
1 cup vodka
5 cups ginger ale

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or punch bowl, stir well, and enjoy over ice.  Let me know if you give it a try!

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