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We recently replaced the outlets on both sides of the bed in our master bedroom and now they are my favorite outlets in the entire house.

In addition to the convenience, and luxe, modern feeling – it makes the room feel a little hotel-like, these USB outlets charge quickly!

I ordered this one from Amazon and installed it myself in about 15 minutes following the instructions that came with it. Changing it out was pretty straightforward, the key is shutting off the electricity at the breaker.  My bedroom breaker wasn’t labeled so it took some testing to find the right one and that took the most time! I took a picture of the way the old outlet was connected before disconnecting it but I ended up not even needing to reference the picture.

It’s definitely nice to have direct connect high speed charging stations and not worry about adapters.  We just keep our USB cables plugged in here all the time.   Naturally, because I’m prone to obsess, I want to put these everywhere!  Of course, I don’t really need them everywhere, but maybe one per room would be nice!   For the home office, I went with a USB power strip instead of a wall outlet in order to plug in more than two devices. This might be an easy option for your home as well!


Just wanted to share a latest love.

I am loving Chinese blue and white stoneware in general lately, but I especially love the Chinese pickle jar shape.  I remember my mom having a collection of blue and white pottery, when I was younger and living at home, and I think a little bit of my current crush is sentimental.   The last time I was at her house, I spotted this pickle jar and she gave it to me.  I carried it very carefully on the airplane and it made it home in one piece.

I found a blue and white vase at a flea market a few months ago and remembered I had a set of 3 blue and white dishes from a trip to Hong Kong.

It’s a small but budding collection and it seems these pieces never go out of style!  What are you loving lately?

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