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 JORD Wood Watches provided the product for an honest review. I received no other compensation and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

I have two watches, one I bought for myself and one that was a gift.  Both are about 15 years old. Both are metal (primarily stainless steel) with simple faces.  However, on our trip to Maui, a friend wore a pair of wood sunglasses, and seeing those sent me down the path of researching wood accessories and eventually led me to wood watches.  The look is so very unique, I love it!

My research led to JORD as a maker of wood watches at a good price point. Their watches are made in the USA from sustainable resources. After looking through all of their current styles I selected the Frankie 35 series, from the women’s watch collection, in dark sandalwood and mint.   Sandalwood is often best known for the oil produced from it which is very distinctive and used in many fragrances.  The grain is more straight than curvy and the texture is pretty fine and even without many pores. JORD has over 10 types of wood to choose from with varying types of both self-winding and battery powered movement.  All watches come with sapphire crystal glass.

I was super excited when the package arrived.  Opening the wooden box it comes in is a little treat in itself – the watches come ready for gift giving!  The box is branded with the JORD name on the side and a large J on top.   The top of the box snaps to the bottom with small magnets.  It even has a tiny drawer on the front side of the box.   Inside, the unique watch is showcased on a little burlap pillow.

The watch arrived looking exactly how does it in the website pictures.   Although I used the suggested wrist measurement template (available on the website) for sizing before it was shipped, it was still too big when I first tried it on. I took it to a local jeweler to have two additional links removed (took about 10 minutes) and now it fits perfectly!

It is surprisingly light in weight, which makes sense when I think about being used to metal watches. And it’s noticeable – people comment on it!  If you’re digging wood watches too, JORD is offering a giveaway! Fill out the form to enter and you’ll also be sent a $25  off coupon code.

Wooden Wristwatch


We recently replaced the outlets on both sides of the bed in our master bedroom and now they are my favorite outlets in the entire house.

In addition to the convenience, and luxe, modern feeling – it makes the room feel a little hotel-like, these USB outlets charge quickly!

I ordered this one from Amazon and installed it myself in about 15 minutes following the instructions that came with it. Changing it out was pretty straightforward, the key is shutting off the electricity at the breaker.  My bedroom breaker wasn’t labeled so it took some testing to find the right one and that took the most time! I took a picture of the way the old outlet was connected before disconnecting it but I ended up not even needing to reference the picture.

It’s definitely nice to have direct connect high speed charging stations and not worry about adapters.  We just keep our USB cables plugged in here all the time.   Naturally, because I’m prone to obsess, I want to put these everywhere!  Of course, I don’t really need them everywhere, but maybe one per room would be nice!   For the home office, I went with a USB power strip instead of a wall outlet in order to plug in more than two devices. This might be an easy option for your home as well!

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