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I always love seeing the difference paint can make! A fresh coat of paint and quick color change in the bathroom has made such an impact.

master bath sign
Our master bathroom has been a work in progress for several years because I just hadn’t quite wrapped it up.   Many years ago, soon after we first moved in, we made some big changes to the room.

  • We removed the carpeting and installed 20 x 20 travertine tile floors.
  • We removed the fiberglass shower and installed 4×4 tiles floor to ceiling for the shower instead
  • Removed builder’s vanity and mirror and replaced with a DIY dresser-turned-vanity
  • Faux finished the walls and painted

Here’s the before.

bathroom before
master bath shower
bathroom face lift
When we installed the new bidet toilet seat, I got inspired to spruce things up. The room was just too brown and I wanted to change the color but that turned into a bigger project than just repainting.  The faux finished walls were created with drywall mud compound and it was quite a task to remove it.  At first, I sprayed with water and scraped with a knife, but that was a very slow and tedious process.   So, I then used a high grit sandpaper  (40) with my electric sander and sanded all of the walls. I ended up sanding twice, once with 40 grit and then with 120 grit to smooth the surface.  What a mess!!!  There were layers and layers of debris everywhere.  Several wall areas had serious problems so I ended up calling a drywall finisher to re-mud those areas for a smooth finish.

bathroom walls before
After all of that wall preparation, I was finally able to paint!  The new color is the same one I used in the kitchen, Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp (at 50% tint).   It is a gray with blue undertones.

master bath vanity
Doorless shower
Most of the lighting in the room had issues too (broken, pieces missing) so I finally replaced the fixtures. In addition to can lights over the shower and bath tub, there are three other fixtures in the room:  over the toilet,  over the vanity, and there’s a ceiling fan in the center.   I ordered lights from Lowes, CB2, and Overstock and installed them myself. But while shopping, I found some really great lighting options at Shades of Light, School House Electric, and Rejuvination.

In the tub area,  I hung a photo from our trip to Ireland.  This is the North Irish coast.   I had the photo printed in a 40 x 30 size to match a canvas I found long ago at Goodwill.  I used Poster Brain and loved how fast it shipped.  I affixed the poster sized photo to the canvas using Mod Podge.  I first covered the canvas in Mod Podge, layered the photo on top, and then put another layer of Mod Podge on top of the photo. It dries clear with a textured, brush stroke effect so it resembles a painting.

bathroom art
The feel in the room is clean and much more up to date and I’m so happy to have it done!

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In the past, I mainly used our shared home office for embroidery and crafts.  I work from home now and spend the majority of that time working in the office.    Some time back, I updated the office inexpensively.  Here’s that before and after.

I am super excited about the latest update: built-in shelves along with crown molding for the entire room!  It’s always remarkable to me how much of a difference crown molding makes! We had a friend who is a master carpenter build shelves out on both sides of the window.

The bottom of the built-ins are actually kitchen upper wall cabinets.   I chose upper cabinets because of their 12 inch depth. For shelf spacing, the first shelf is at 24 inches above the base cabinet, the second shelf is 12.5 inches above the first, the third shelf is 11.5 inches above the second and, the top shelf is at 6 inches.

Another small detail I really love is the shelf that tops the cabinet is dark.  It’s actually an ebony stain, not paint.   The rest of the unit is painted white, while the walls remain gray (Stonington Gray mixed in Behr Paint + Primer). Since this is still an office for two, we’ve designated the left shelves for me and the right shelves for the husband. The printer is also on the right side and we drilled holes in both the top and sides of the lower cabinet to access the wall outlet.

The materials (mostly wood and paint) totaled $700.  The project took about 5 days to complete and they make such a great difference!   With these and the updated closet in this office, we now have plenty of storage space, which I love!  There are a few small finishing touches to be made. I am still deciding which cabinet knobs to install.

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