Thank you to Limitless Walls for working with us on this fun project.

Planked walls are all the rage lately.  I recently added this look to my friend’s bedroom in about an hour and half!   But we didn’t do it the traditional, laborious way using wood planks and paint.    We used wallpaper! While wallpaper can offer such a unique personalized look in your home, for so long many people have shied away from using it due to the cost and commitment involved: in both installing it AND removing it!   In fact, removing wallpaper that was not properly applied in all of my bathrooms has left such a strong impression on me, that I vowed not to use wallpaper in my own house!

DIY Planked Wall - removeable wallpaper

However, my tune has changed with the abundance of new possibilities in removeable wallpaper!  I am really impressed with the quality of this mural from Limitless Walls.  First of all, it comes well packaged in a large roll that is pre-measured and cut for your own wall dimensions.  For this wall,  the mural came in 5 panels that we hung vertically.  I expected the actual paper to be thin and even flimsy. I was surprised to find the mural is thick and substantial, the paper feels of a high quality, as if it will not easily tear or rip. It’s still very easy to work with, not unwieldy.   It took two of us a little over an hour to install the ‘planked wall’.

Removeable wallpaper

Here are the steps we followed to change the look of a plain bedroom:

Prep the Wall

  • Smooth out bumps and fill cracks in the wall
  • Remove all switch plates and fixtures
  • Clean the surface with a warm, damp towel

Install the Paper

  • Measure and mark your desired spot
  • Peel the backing a few inches away from the top of the paper
  • Apply the exposed adhesive side of the mural to the wall and press down
  • Peel the backing completely off the paper, smoothing it the wall, rub wrinkles out gently to the edge of the mural.
  • Align the second panel with the first panel with a 0.5 in slight overlap, and continue steps above for all additional panels.
  • Once the paper is adhered to the wall, cut away any excess material around ceilings, baseboards, edges.

removeable wallpaper

What’s really great is this mural can be removed and reused (on the same sized wall) too! For this reason Limitless Walls suggests saving the liner backing that comes with the mural.   This is a great solution for both those who rent and can’t modify walls, and those who just don’t want the work or hassle of installing wood planks.   Limitless Walls provides a variety of patterns to choose from, stripes would be fun too since they are often a pain to paint.    You can even have your own photo (say, from vacation) turned into a mural for a lovely, unique look in your home.

Are you ready to put some pattern on your walls?  Use “OCD30”  when ordering and you’ll receive 30% off!




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  1. TJ says:

    Cool idea. I like this look.

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