At the beginning of summer, we arrived home from vacation to a busted pipe.   After dealing with the plumbing portion of the problem, and replacing the plumbing in our entire house,  we then had to deal with the aftermath of water damage.  The pipe burst on the second floor in my office closet so the flooring (carpet) in 50% of the second floor was affected.   We originally had Berber carpet in two bedrooms (office and guest room) and the hallway.  The guest bathroom had ceramic tile and our master bedroom had laminate flooring.

We had to remove the carpet in the office and hallway immediately and so we decided to replace all of the flooring on the entire level.   With our awareness heightened, we wanted to choose flooring that was resistant to any water damage in the future, but we also have and like real wood flooring on the first floor.    We chose Aquaguard flooring (in Coco) from Floor & Decor.  Aquaguard is water resistant and really does have a great look of hardwood.   The finish is durable and promises a lifetime warranty.  The product is thick, it seems to be double the thickness of regular laminate.  It would be a good choice for laundry rooms and bathrooms too.

Laminate flooring is a bit easier to install than real wood as it is a floating floor and the pieces click together over a noise reducing underlayment.   Although we have done flooring installs in our house ourselves in the past, this time we chose to hire someone to install it.   It took about five days to install in three rooms (including closets) and the hallway, about 700 square feet.

We really like the way it turned out!  Take a look.

Master bedroom before and after:

board and batten wall
aquaguard flooring
We had thresholds at the closet doorways before and I am loving how the new flooring runs seamlessly into the closet, and really the hallway and other rooms too.

elfa closet

Office before and after

Office built in shelves
Home office
Guest bedroom before and after:

Pink curtains
Guest room
I decided to go with marble tile in the guest bathroom and love how it looks where it meets up against the dark mocha flooring.

marble floor threshold
Over a span of six weeks, we also had our red oak floors downstairs sanded and stained and the guest bathroom completely remodeled.    Lots of activity over a few months, all due to one little broken pipe!

TDC Before and After
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15 Responses to Aquaguard Laminate Flooring

  1. Shells says:

    The floors are gorgeous! The rich mocha color really makes your decor pop!!! Hate a broken pipe cause such a headache but you guys made a great recovery.

  2. Shelli Hanserd says:

    I love the look. How does it feel under your feet? Like Pergo? I just love the dark, richness of it.

  3. Melanie says:

    That last picture of the marble against the dark wood tones…love it! That’s what I want in my bathrooms. Did you change out your balusters/stair railings too with the flooring? If so, was it hard to change out? Love them too!

  4. Leslie says:

    How has your Aquaguard flooring been holding up? Have you had any difficulties with it “clicking” underfoot. Are you happy with it?

  5. Sven Valdi says:

    We are strongly considering the aquaguard flooring in our new home. I have read few reviews, both positive and negative. Our concern is the shifting of pieces which can create gaps between planks. Have you experienced shifting of the floor? Gaps between planks?

    Also, with hard shoes, does it sound clicky or cheap underfoot? We aren’t sure if we should go with real wood. I’d like something more durable and the lifetime warranty is pretty attractive. Do you like the sound underfoot? Sound like real wood?

    Thank you for any feedback!!!

    • J. says:

      Our Aquaguard flooring has been installed for a year. It’s upstairs in all our bedrooms and hallway. We have hardwood flooring on the first floor. There has not been any noticeable shifting with the Aquaguard, so there are no gaps yet.

      It sounds solid underfoot but I attribute that to the underlayment we chose. Also, we are a ‘shoes off’ house and don’t typically wear shoes upstairs and walk barefoot on both types of flooring. It sounds like the wood flooring downstairs to me. The feel is a little more slick/smooth than my oak flooring, but that may be related to the sanding job done on the oak floors. We had cheap laminate in our master bedroom​ before this and the Aquaguard is definitely a step up in sound and feel.

      I hope that helps!

  6. Tess Angeline says:

    We are having the same flooring install at the moment. Coco color as well. Does the flooring have any flex to it. Ours is installed downstairs on our foundation we picked the middle grade under lining. There seems to be a flex in the flooring when we walk across it. The installers are working on the kitchen now and just wondering if it is them or the lining or the flooring. Thanks

  7. Susan Wallett says:

    I am considering putting the AquaGuard throughout my entire 1,000 square foot condo. I have part hardwood and carpet now (18 years old). The real hardwood has dented and stained. I have a little OCD so the real hardwoods aren’t for me. I have cats so the AquaGuard would be a great option. I am looking at the Coco color. Does it show dirt/dust easily? I would have to paint my kitchen cabinets and replace some furniture because it is oak. I don’t think that color furniture would coordinate with the Coco. I am also considering the Salemo color which is more of an oak. Your thoughts?

    I overthink and overanalyze everything. Your comments have really helped!

    • J. says:

      It does show dust bunnies, but no it doesn’t look dirty easily. My preference is Cocoa vs Salemo. I understand over analysis – I do it too! Hope it works out well!

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