As an alternative to a gift basket, use a box! I feel like gift baskets and boxes can be the gifts that keep on giving.  You get whatever is inside and you get to keep the container it came in to use elsewhere.  Have you seen the storage boxes at Target lately?   They are so pretty!  Target has a variety of sizes but I chose this one for the depth and I love the black and white.

The theme for this easy gift box stemmed from these glass mugs I found for a great price.   I monogrammed them with the first letter of our friends last name to give in celebration of their anniversary.

I wanted to add something extra, so it made sense to include something to use with the glasses.   Above they are pictured with hibiscus tea, but since it’s currently winter, I thought they’d also make great hot chocolate mugs!  I found fancy chocolate stirrers at Marshall’s and included it in the box along with a new tin of powdered hot cocoa mix.

Putting it all together was so easy.  I used tissue paper to pad the bottom of the box and also stuffed some paper inside the glass mugs  so the etched monogram would show up a little more.

It’s fun and thoughtful to give personalized gifts in a pretty, reusable container (wooden boxes or picnic baskets would work well too!) and the sky’s the limit on all the variations you can put together!


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  1. Shells says:

    Love the “Hot Chocolate box” idea. Cool present!!!

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