July marks my two year blogging anniversary!  It so happens that the anniversary was marked with a little break from posting but I’m back to share a few snapshots from my mom’s house.

This bedroom was originally my brother’s room but he moved out last year.  I wish I had before pictures so you could see how this room started out  but try to imagine a typical young man’s room.   It had blue paint on the walls, computer  on a desk, and sleigh bed in a corner against two walls.

Over the past few months, my mom has remodeled the room so that it now serves as both a guest room and her sewing space.   The walls got a fresh coat of gray paint and additional picture frame molding in white. The bed frame was also painted a darker shade of gray.

I think my favorite thing is that contrasting molding, and I like that it’s only on two of the walls (the one’s with windows) instead of all four.  She didn’t use nails to install it, she user glue to affix the molding to the wall.

Opposite the bed, my mom has DIY’d built-in shelves next to a closet to provide a space for her sewing equipment.   The built-ins are not quite finished but I took a few shots of them as-is.

Isn’t that a smart use of a screen?  It’s pretty and it hides the messy part of the space from immediate hallway view.

I also love how one of the night tables is a moveable tray.  You can just pick that tray up and use it for serving or even breakfast in bed.


The different textures and bedding patterns combine to create such an inviting bed!   The whole look is just so welcoming.

I love rooms that serve a dual purpose and do it in style.  I’m eager to put up built-ins and picture frame molding in my own house now!  Where in your home would you add additional wall molding?

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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m a renter now, but for my someday home, I’d love it in a study or an entry way!

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