Well look what we have here – I framed out my agate slices after all!   A few weeks ago, I got a set of four agate coasters from Etsy (but Amazon is another good place to look).

I first applied gold leaf to the edges of the coasters, which was a quick and easy project that added a glamorous touch to the stone.

Fortunately, I found some shadowbox frames at Marshalls for $8.99 apiece.   I used Gorilla Glue on the four rubber feet to adhere the coasters to heavy weight crafting paper from Michael’s.  I allowed everything to dry while the frames were laying flat.   Then, it was time to hang them on the wall.   I chose this little corner space in the master bedroom near A’s night table.

Thanks to the inspiration pieces here and here that got me motivated to get moving on this project! They are so pretty, I love them both as coasters and framed as art.  A set of these would be great gifts!

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