First, I saw this agate plate from Rain Collection and loved it.  It’s hard to tell from just this picture, but this is a serving platter (ex: cheese and crackers).  It’s really stunning and I love the variations in the stone.


When I saw this set of coasters, I loved the idea even more but I was a little shocked by the price.

green coasters

I ordered my set of blue agate coasters from Etsy but you can also find them on Amazon.  The set I chose has two slices with sparkly crystals and a hole in the middle.   Because these are intended for use as coasters, they came with the little rubber feet on them already, but you can also purchase regular slices of rock without the feet.

For the spring edition of the Pinterest challenge (here’s my previous winter art project),  I decided to add some shine to my coasters just like the inspiration pictures above.

Using the same gold leaf kit I already had (and used on the Jonathan Adler tumbler), it was really easy to gild the edges of the coasters in just four steps:

  1. Apply adhesive to coaster edges.
  2. Wait 30 minutes for the adhesive to become sticky/tacky.
  3. Roll the edges of the coaster over a flat sheet of gold leaf and smooth gold leafed edge with a Q-tip (or your finger)
  4. Brush a light coat of sealer over golden edges and allow to dry.

There are so many stone varieties and colors available, these pieces could work with any decor.   I absolutely love how Tanya’s framed coasters turned out, so I’m planning to pick up some shadowboxes to showcase these gilded beauties on the wall very soon. (Updated: see how it turned out here)

Have you completed any easy projects?

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10 Responses to Easy DIY: Gilded Agate Slices

  1. I love the combination of luxe and organic. I have a set of agate bookends and I may try gold accents on the sides!

  2. Lura says:

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for some of these but the ones I found were $$$$$ and not as pretty! Stopping by from the YHL linkup. I also linked up. Here is my Pinterest Project.


  3. Love’m. The gold leaf really pops the bright blue in the stone.

  4. So clever! And so pretty! Looks amazing.

  5. Nikki Kelly says:

    I am so in love with all things geode and agate right now. I received some purple agate coasters for Christmas this last year, but now this has me wanting to put some sliver leaf on the edges. Oh and replace the felt on the bottoms with nice little cabinet door bubbles like yours have. They turned out great!

    Nikki Kelly

  6. Sandra Holt says:

    I love these! I was at the Jonathan Adler store earlier this week and saw the same exact ones for $125 that I really wanted but didn’t want to fork that kind of cash over for coasters. I’m now going to try your method, so thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Vanessa says:

    Oh, this is gorgeous! Love that you used gold leaf. I’ve been wanting coasters to use in the bedroom for nighttime water glasses but most don’t fit the vibe. These might do the trick!

  8. This is really tremendous! I think blue is best to match with silver so I will try silver accents on the side of my coaster. I’m excited to try this in weekend. Thank you!

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