Here’s an easy project to knock out over a weekend. My mom sent over some pictures to show me her recent dresser reorganization.    I thought it was a nice reminder to use baskets, cubbies, or other containers to help corral items stored in drawers. She first started with her sock drawer looking like this:

She used three of these cubbie organizers from Marshalls to separate socks, pantyhose, and tights by color and texture. I love the polka dotted interior too.

Look how much better off that sock drawer is now!   Everything has a place, so it’s now easier to find things quickly.

It really feels great to get those small spaces looking and working better.  Do you have any organizing tips and tricks?

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3 Responses to Drawer Organization

  1. ah! just what i need! glad i clicked on the link in my email to see this because my drawers are out of order at the moment!

  2. Michelle says:

    Just found your blog and ahhhhh!!! my sock drawer looks like this but worse! I never even thought about trying to organize it but now I don’t think I can go another day with it like it is! Hopefully I can find something like this to make some sense of my sock drawer!

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