We updated our master bedroom in 2011 by installing board and batten on the headboard wall.

At that time, the entire room got a lighter coat of paint (Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp) and a few new accessories.   But there’s one wall that missed out on the update: the wall with the television.   Although this shot is from before the paint job,  it pretty much looked the same way with the lighter colored walls: a large tube television sitting on an antique desk.

A few months ago, we replaced the television and needed a new furniture solution for it.  I also found some industrial type metal shelving at Goodwill for $20. The unit was dark and dirty, but I first tried it out in the bedroom to see if the height would work.  It turned out to be a great height for our watching-TV-in-bed purposes.

This month it finally got warm enough outside to do some spray painting, so I hauled the shelves out and spray painted them with Rustoleum’s Metallic Gold.  I rounded up a few things from other rooms, and picked up a couple of new baskets for storage and set everything up.  I’m just trying out the larger mirror in that spot, so it’s still leaning.  We’ll see what ends up there.

The shelves are not very wide either, which is great for the space since the footboard of the bed is large.

Because electronics are stored here (TV, cable box, DVD player), I’m thinking about adding some sort of backing to the shelves to hide the cords.  In the meantime, I did come up with another way to hide most of them for now.  I’ll share that in the next post.

How have you handled your TV wall?  Did you mount the TV to the wall or used furniture to host it?  Have you hung art around the TV or left it to stand alone?

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8 Responses to The TV Wall

  1. martha says:

    very creative. I like it.

  2. Grandma J says:

    very clever

  3. Patty Day says:

    It looks beautiful! I HATE cords!!! I’m looking forward to your solution.

  4. Shells says:

    Sweet, Bagain Makeover! Great Job Jae!

  5. elle says:

    love it! i have never liked the look of TVs in the bedroom (don’t have one), but i really like how you’ve made the wall not about the t.v. even the wall in our living room could use an update, and i like your ideas. it always amazes me how you can find something that looks so junky i would skip it and update it and make it look fresh and deliberate. nice job!

  6. I’m going through a gold crush phase too. 🙂

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