Have you seen World Market’s extensive collection of handmade paper?    It’s really beautiful!  It’s a good weight/thickness as well, not flimsy at all.  There are so many things you can do with it too.   You could cut a piece to frame as art.   I’ve also thought about using it as a backing for shelving (a book case or open cabinets).

gift wrap shelves

The last time I was there, I picked up a roll of the large green poppy paper because of the great pink, gold, and green color combination.
handmade paper2

Recently, I actually used a piece to wrap a magnum sized bottle of cava for an anniversary gift.  Magnums don’t fit in regular wine gift bags so I had to come up with another method.   I just rolled the paper around the bottle and taped strategically.  I used a pink ribbon to tie around the neck of the bottle.  You already know how I love wrapping gifts with a letter instead of a bow, so I draped a glittery letter from Michael’s here too.

I happened to find the perfect card to go with it!   [Inside says:  Celebrate! And enjoy many more happy years together Happy Anniversary]

Love the gold and the glitter – so cute!

I have enough of the poppy paper left to frame a piece to hang – just have to figure out where!

Have you used specialty paper for any projects lately?

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  1. Patty Day says:

    The papers look beautiful. I will check them out the next time I’m in Atlanta…closest store. Hopefully they will still have them.

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