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So, this week I went down to the basement and rummaged around for a leftover block of wood.  After a few hours with the jigsaw I had this masterpiece.


Hah!  Yeah, not really.  I picked this up for $0.77 at Goodwill just because I like the shape and thickness.   It’s cute and the price was right.  It might be a little strange, but I’ve always been intrigued by butchery diagrams, showing us which part of the animal certain cuts of meat are from, so I decided to DIY my own little 3D version.

I painted one side of the pig white as a background for the diagram.  But I painted  the other side a fun color.   I used my small sample can of Martha Stewart’s Persimmon Red on the other side because the pink color is bright and somewhat fitting.

After the white side was dry, I used a Sharpie to section off parts of the body and write in the cuts of meat.

I left the coral side alone so I can switch to the plain side whenever the mood strikes. Right now the diagram side is face forward accessorizing a kitchen shelf. It’s kind of funny because I don’t even cook or eat much pork (outside of bacon, I do LOVE bacon).

What have you found at the thrift store lately? Have you decorated with animal accessories? What do you think of butchery diagrams?   They’d also be great gifts for a chef or person who loves to cook!

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9 Responses to This Little Piggy

  1. Margo says:

    That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I love it!

  2. Oh goodness! My dad had a pig cutting board that he used when I was a little girl. I love it! Your pig brings back sweet memories of helping dad in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

  3. NatiRoche says:

    This is super cute!

  4. Patty Day says:

    I love it! Think I will put it on MC’s to do list!!!

  5. Jen D says:

    Really cute idea! I like that you made it reversible.

  6. Ha! That’s great–I never would have thought to do that!

  7. Rachelle says:

    This is really cute, I would have snatched it up at the thrift store as well. Found you on the AT Homies and now following!

  8. Love it. That coral paint is such a pop of color.

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