Check out these faux crab shells.  They were $0.99 cents a piece at Goodwill. They are just my kind of quirky, so I had to get them both (and I plan to give one to my mom).  I think they were hand made (maybe by someone practicing pottery?).  There are some faint markings written into the clay on the backside.

I really love how the glaze has a slight bluish tint.   They’re so cute as a small dish in a bathroom…

…or as a little bowl for jewelry on a night table.

I took a break from working on the formerly neglected entry this week, but I plan to tackle the stairs this weekend.  Any projects on your end this weekend?  Have you added any quirky pieces to your space?

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5 Responses to Quirky Crabs

  1. oh, I love those–great find! I really need to get to the thrift store; it’s been too long!

  2. Shells says:

    I love em …..very whimsy!!! Total kitchen garage makeover going on over here this weekend@@@!!!!

  3. Mandy says:

    These dishes look like bakers for Crab Imperial or Deviled Crab, maybe vintage. Way cute and I have admired similar ones at antique stores here in MD. Here’s an example of a glass vintage set on Etsy:

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