The disco ball I bought at Party City a couple of weeks ago:  it’s pretty and I like it.   You may remember how I used it as a centerpiece at our winter dinner party.

I am thinking about hanging it from the ceiling like so but I’m just not sure which room yet.

Not that you need to hang it from the ceiling.  They do just fine sitting pretty on a shelf…

…or even in a fireplace.

After that dinner party a few weeks ago,  I stashed mine on the kitchen table and went on about my business.  But one morning last week, I happened to walk into the room at just the right time to catch this show:

Fabulous, right? LOVED it.   Disco balls in the sun for everyone!

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One Response to Disco Ball Sparkle

  1. Patty Day says:

    Love it..find a place to enjoy it every day!

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