Baskets are so great for storage.  I have found some nice baskets at Goodwill lately, that I’ve added to the collection, and thought I’d share how I use them.    I generally look for baskets of a certain color and weave.  I don’t like the tint to be too orange-y.  I prefer them to be more of a beige-y tan color.  I also love a wider weave, made of banana leaf or hyacinth, like the one housing the fiddle leaf fig tree.

I’ve already shared in the past that I use them to store our shoes at the front and back doors.   It’s easy to pick up the shoes we’ve taken off at the door and just stash them in there for less visible clutter.

I have stashed a few in our bathrooms to store guest toiletries (soaps, lotions, shampoo), toilet paper, etc.

Baskets in the laundry room provide storage for stain remover, detergent, and bleach.   This looks so much better than all of those bottles out on the uneven wire shelving (ugh), and they’re still easy to reach and use.

I even have a basket in a large kitchen drawer to hold some of the smaller items.

With the exception of the big shoe baskets, all of these baskets were under $2.  So next time you’re at the thrift store, keep your eye out for some cute baskets.  You’re bound to be able to put them to good use!

Are you big on baskets?  What else do you use for handy storage?

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