I don’t typically change decor for the seasons but this year I’ve made a few small changes to the fireplace mantel in honor of fall.  Normally, the fireplace pretty much looks like this all year round.

See that burgundy ceramic pumpkin on the right side of the hearth?  I’ve had it for years and almost put it in a yard sale recently. I decided to spray paint it white and add it to the mantel for fall.   I found a glass cloche at Goodwill a few weeks ago and gathered some pinecones from the yard to put underneath it.   I added a small green pumpkin from Target ($1) and a few books and voila:  a fall mantel.

On the right side, I added my newly updated white pumpkin atop of a few books I found in my basement.  They are very old! They seem to have been printed in 1925.  I picked up the trophy cup from Target recently because I love it. It was finally marked 70% off.    The mercury glass candle holder is from West Elm and those are my first set of antlers (painted white).

So that’s my first fall mantel.  I really like the idea of a cloche on the mantel. You can change out the items underneath it very easily to reflect the current season.   I’m sure this will be the look for both fall and winter.  We’ll see what I come up with for spring.

By the way, I really hope to test out PolyStain soon.  All the varying wood tones in this room bother me!

Do you change out decor for the changing seasons?   I think it helps that fall is my absolute FAVORITE!

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2 Responses to Fall Update

  1. Nina E says:

    I, like you, am not used to changing up the house for fall, but I really wanted to try this year! (http://ninasquared.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/falling/) Most likely, I’ll wait until after fall to get sale items for next year though! I like the excuse for redecorating the house 😉

  2. Love the cloche idea. Have been looking for one (in my budget) for so long. Totally dig that clam shell.

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