I regularly shop online for a couple of reasons.  Sometimes there are things you need/want that you just can’t find locally.   For example,  I looked near and far (at least in my area) and I just couldn’t find hot pink curtains to purchase at a brick and mortar store.  But guess what?  I found several online and ultimately ended up ordering from Amazon.   In fact, there was a bit of an Amazon spree since I ordered those curtains, supplies to make the burlap headboard, and a new camera around the same time period.

Which brings up another reason I often shop online: it’s simply to get a better deal.   The island range hood over my kitchen peninsula was purchased from Overstock because I found it there for a much better price than I could find it for in local stores.

When I’m shopping at stores locally, I’ll first check their website to see if they make coupons available online to use in the store.  I’ll just pull the coupon up on my phone and use it when paying at the cashier. This especially works well for craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.   But did you know, you can pretty much do the same thing when shopping online?  You can easily look up coupon codes beforehand when ordering via the web. One site that makes it easy is Coupon Chief.  The site offers coupons for a variety of stores ranging from home decor goods (including Anthropologie and Amazon) to fashion and airfare.  Check it out before placing your next order!

How about you?  What are your online shopping habits?  Do you remember to look for discounts?


This is a sponsored post but the opinions and thoughts expressed are my own based on my experiences.

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