Along with a brand spankin’ new burlap headboard, the guest room also got a fresh coat of paint. The walls used to be blue but I originally painted the room six years ago, before there was any other blue in the house.  Since the walls needed painting, and we now have various shades of blue sprinkled throughout, I decided it was time for a change.  This time, I went with white walls.  I like the idea of art and fabrics taking the spotlight with the white backdrop.

The whole thing started with hot pink (aka raspberrycurtains.   I’ve wanted to use this color somewhere in our home for awhile but it is too feminine for our preferences in the main living spaces. To me, the guest room is a perfect place to step out of the norm and go bold, so the bright curtains were hung right after I painted the walls.

I switched out the ruffled bedskirt for a more streamlined skirt.

 This one has a lovely navy pinstripe.

I recovered the bench that was temporarily residing in the laundry room with a yard of navy striped duck fabric. I found the fabric on sale for $2!

A few weeks ago, I picked up a small piece of remnant fabric and it turned out that it worked perfectly with the new curtains. I used it to create a pillow case for a down pillow form I had stashed in a closet.  This pillowcase has one side opening. I ironed the fabric and measured and cut the length and width needed to fit the form.   Then, I connected the areas where two pieces of fabric met and finished the edges using stitch witchery and an iron! I think this easy solution is good for small projects like this decorative pillow, but I would still like to be able to sew ‘real’ pillow cases.

So far, I am digging the mix of bold with white.  I’m still working on mirrors and art for the room.    Have you added a new color to your home lately? Found any great fabrics? Or perhaps recovered something to make it new again?


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8 Responses to Bedroom Fabrics

  1. Sharon Wright says:

    It’s time you bought a sewing machine!

  2. Patty Day says:

    Love the color! Great place to add it! Great bench!

  3. Stasia says:

    those are beautiful colors. love the updated guest room!

  4. Cute bedroom! I love the striped bench!

  5. Nina E says:

    Beautiful job!!! I love that new bedskirt! Does it count if the original fabric was intended for drapes? Here’s what I did recently:

  6. Jaida says:

    I absolutely love stripes paired with bright colors so I’m in love with the curtains and bench. The room looks amazing!

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