If you follow the blog on Facebook, a few weeks ago you saw a picture of a few things I picked up from Goodwill. When I got home I found that the small, white tumbler I purchased for 77 cents was a designer piece that normally sells for $18.

Sure, it’s not a special antique find but it’s fun to see what can turn up at thrift stores.   The Jonathan Adler Lacquer bath tumbler is sold as part of a spa bathroom collection.  I think it’s intended for use as a cup on a sink vanity but I think it’s also great as a bud vase or even on a desk as a holder for pens or pencils.

I decided to dress it up a little.  I took a look at craft supplies I already had on hand and found my nearly untouched gold leafing kit. I used only the adhesive from the kit back when I turned a twin headboard into a silver leafed chalkboard.

The nice thing is this is an easy update almost anyone can do in only four short steps. If you don’t have gold leaf, you could try a shimmery, metallic paint.

  1. Using ScotchBlue painters tape, tape off a stripe of desired width.
  2. Using a small brush, brush the area with a thin coat of the adhesive and allow it to sit for about 45 minutes.
  3. Press gold leaf on the sticky area and smooth as desired.
  4. Brush the gold leafed area with a thin coat of sealer. (I used clear gloss Polycrylic because I already had it.)  Carefully remove tape and …voila!

This is a simple change but it makes such a lovely difference.  I usually prefer silver over gold but I really love how gold leaf has such a warm shine with the white. I am glad to add a touch of it to the house.

Are you a fan of silver or gold?   Have you found any designer goods at a thrift store?   What simple updates have you made lately?
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5 Responses to Go Glam With Gold

  1. Nina E says:

    Beautiful! I love this!!

  2. Laurel (@abubblylife) says:

    I love this! I had a recent craft fail with gold leaf, this makes me want to retry!

  3. Tammy says:

    Wow, this looks great! I really love the gold accent. Really great job! 🙂

  4. […] Gold leaf looks more elegant when it’s not used in big amounts. For example, this vase looks very chic and it only has a thin strip of golf leaf on it. You can create a similar design by first putting tape on the vase and then applying glue and gold leaf to the small portion in between.{found on designocd}. […]

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