I think it’s exciting when things I share provide inspiration to others.   A reader, who works from home full time, saw my office makeover and was inspired to redo her own.  Her office already has all the basics, including a large modular desk that takes up most of the space.  She wanted to spruce things up by introducing more color, providing more storage, and making the closet more functional.   She really stressed the importance of colors that make her happy as she spends at least 40 hours a week in this room.   She also shares the office with her daughter so the plan was to make it a space both of them could enjoy.

Here’s the plan I put together.

1. Color palette – blue and lemon yellow with pops of hot pink. Specific options:  Wall color:  Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue,   yellow accessories:  Martha Stewart Cornbread,  the hot pink color was pulled from polka dot storage bins the homeowner already owns.

2. Chalkboard paint for a touch of whimsy and sharing messages.  Paint the back of the desk that faces the entrance of the room with chalkboard paint.   Specific options:  Rustoleum has a can of chalkboard paint that can be brushed or rolled on.

3.  Fabric:  We want a bold pattern that incorporates the accessory color (yellow). The plan is to use this fabric to recover a guest chair and make a small valance over the window.    Specific options:  I love Premier Prints Chipper Yellow Ikat print available at Fabric.com.

4.  Existing modular desk

5.  Greenery livens up any room and can do the same for an office.  Plants also purify the air!  Certain plants can rid a room of up to 89% of harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and xylene.  Specific options:   Choose a plant that doesn’t require tons of bright light.  Easy choices are pothos and ferns which should survive with with the light conditions in this room.

6. Art.  The homeowner already has several mismatched frames along with a variety of photos she wants to display.  Install a gallery wall of yellow frames above the wood file drawers.   Arrange the frames in a pleasing pattern underneath the top wall molding.

7. Closet organization.  The closet already has great shelving installed  and will look neat and organized with uniform bins and containers to store items. Specific options:  Spray paint current storage containers one basic color (white or pink) and arrange.  Ikea has great storage bins that will organize the shelves in a jiffy.


http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30234696/  – These have lids


8. Paper storage:  The homeowner already has a small corkboard and dry erase board and will just reposition this to a new wall and hang another, larger corkboard for additional room.   Specific options:  Consider covering the corkboard with the same bold print fabric used on the chair and valance.

Also, think about wire organization and utilize wire holders that will allow wires to be held in place parallel to furniture, walls, or flooring.

Of course, this is just a guideline that can be adjusted.    For example, if you go with yellow walls instead of blue, you could choose blue accessories with small amounts of black/white/pink (aka color of your choice) instead.  I’ve received ‘before’ pics of the room, so hopefully when she’s all done I’ll be able to share those along with how it turned out!

Have you introduced any happy color to your workspace lately? Or how about adding greenery to your desk at home or work?  Even if it’s something small, it’s so nice to add a touch of personalization.

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  1. Marianne says:

    I think a growing number of offices are conciously including up cycled pieces because it shows they care.

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