I mentioned that we are couch shopping and the ‘purveyor’ we’ve decided to go with is Decades Furniture.   Since I’ve never purchased a piece of customized furniture online before I wasn’t sure what was involved.   To make things more complicated, I didn’t choose one of the couches they already have listed on their site.

This is the Blythe.  I love the Blythe, but not the rounded arms.  I like the color of the leather used.  It’s referred to as Old World Brompton.

So I consulted (aka emailed) with Chris Stout-Hazard to find out if it was possible to get something similar with a square arm. I found out they have a prototype couch available.  It’s unnamed and it’s not yet listed on the site, but they sent me a picture.  It has square arms.  Even better, it’s fully customizable, meaning I can choose fabric, add nailhead trim, decide on 2 cushions vs 3, and choose dark wood legs instead of the lighter legs pictured on the prototype.  I decided to go for it.

Before I received the leather swatches in the mail I was pretty sure I wanted Old World Brompton.  But I guess that’s why swatches are sent after all, because that’s not what we ended up choosing.

I did a fingernail scratch test on the left hand edge of each swatch.   You can see that two on each end definitely show the scratch easily.  If you rub over the scratch with your finger it the area does darken.   There are two small dark spots on the right lower corner of the Old World Brompton – those are were I dropped some water to see the effect.   This type of leather definitely develops a patina with age and use.

We chose the Bentley Bomber.  Our version of the sofa will have a bronzy nailhead trim, darker legs, and 2 seat and back cushions.  I debated over this for a week too:  2 vs 3 cushions?  I honestly had no idea what to choose!  Our sofa now has 3, but who is to say we wouldn’t be happy with 2?  I also think the size of the couch matters, and this one will not be huge.   It’s 84 inches long.

So, the order is placed and we expect it to take 6 weeks to construct and 1 week for delivery.  Decades has a 100 % satisfaction guarantee which I appreciate.  If it arrives and I hate it, I can send it back for a full refund.   I am both excited and apprehensive – can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Where do you stand on the great cushion debate?   Two cushions or 3?

Update: See the finished product here.

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3 Responses to Leather Swatches

  1. Can’t wait to see how it looks. So glad you went with the straight arms. I didn’t get a chance to do so on mine. 🙁

  2. NatiRoche says:

    good choice! That was the first one I liked.

  3. We’re excited that we were able to find something that fits your needs! Can’t wait to see it in your space.

    – Chris

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