If you follow the blog on Facebook, you saw a couple of my finds from Goodwill hunting earlier this month.   But what you didn’t see is that I also picked up two silver plated bowls.  With the addition of 2 more, I’ve apparently started a collection of Revere style bowls.    They are often referred to as Revere bowls (or Liberty bowls) because Paul Revere was commissioned to create a thank you gift for the House of Representatives in 1768.   The original bowl (engraved with their names) now sits in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this collection, but I just love the classic shape of these bowls.

I’d decided not to pick up any more silver (plated) pieces because I like silver when it’s shiny and bright and that requires regular cleaning. I already have enough to clean.  But I saw these two prices on the bottom, with the Revere ($0.99) and Sheridan ($1.21) silver plated markings, and could not resist. I looked up the same sized bowl online and the least expensive price listed was $69.

They make for great table centerpieces and the smaller ones are perfect for placing around the house to collect jewelry and any odds and ends.  Not that I need to be on the lookout for any more silver pieces, but I also love how  Kelly over at Electically Vintage is using her silver pieces – no cleaning required!

Have you found any great items at a thrift store recently?   Started any collections?  Like items just seem to look better in groups.

Blog update:  The Projects page in the top navigation is new! Hopefully this will make it a little easier to find DIY related posts. 

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3 Responses to Thrifty Finds: August

  1. Great finds and prices! I’d never be able to walk by those beauties either – I’d have to scoop them up too. Especially since I’m a let it tarnish kind of gal. Thanks for sharing my tarnished silver!

  2. Nina E says:

    I love Goodwill so much! I found a Jonathan Adler bathroom piece at my last visit (http://ninasquared.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/goodwill-finds/). I’m running out of space to put things in our townhouse – eek!

    • J. says:

      I saw your post last month! I actually went to that Goodwill this month too. I know what you mean about running out of space – we have to tread carefully!

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