The laundry room has gradually evolved into a butler’s pantry of sorts.   When we first updated the room last summer, I thought the additional counter space would serve as a sort of arts and crafts area.   A place to pull up a stool, spread things out and work on little projects.   But honestly, I haven’t used it that way yet.

Instead, it’s become a place to store glassware (I keep some wine bottles after peeling the labels off) and serving ware and a few items we may overstock.  I also store all the table linens in drawers behind the curtains.

Some homes today have real butler’s pantries as a staging area between the kitchen and dining room.  Ours (it sounds better to say pantry than to say laundry room doesn’t it?) is right off the kitchen,  near the breakfast table, so it’s turned out to be very  handy.   It also has a closet pantry in it for even more storage.   It’s definitely come a long way from it’s former life as a junk room (that happened to have a washer & dryer in it).

Do you have an area that serves as a butler’s pantry?  Or just a dual purpose room like a laundry room that is also an office?

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4 Responses to Now We Just Need a Butler

  1. Popping over from the YHL House Crash – looks great! I’d love to have a pantry like yours – looks like you’re making great use of your space!

  2. Love the idea of having a pantry/staging area. And the curtains on the bottom add a very soft romantic touch. LOVE IT!

  3. I would love a space like this…we have almost NO cabinet space in the kitchen and our utility room/laundry room is not sealed to the outside so bugs can come in. Your space is so pretty!

  4. martha says:

    Yes love what you have done with the space. Very practical right off the kitchen.

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