Last week, I shared my ‘Snow White’ mirror.

Let’s play a game and show it to you again.  Do you notice anything different?

That’s right, it’s not the mirror that’s changed!

I’m so happy about new lighting.   We finally bid farewell to those fugly fans from 1986 that have graced our kitchen for the entire time we’ve lived here.  And boy, WHAT A DIFFERENCE it makes!

Due to budget constraints, I was not able to add recessed lighting as part of the kitchen remodel and had to come up an with an inexpensive (yet bright – haha) solution.   There are so many pretty light fixtures, but I found many of them don’t actually produce a lot of light.   I didn’t want to compromise the amount of light we had with the 4 bulbs in the hideous ceiling fans so I looked for options that maintained the equivalent of 240 watts (60w x 4 bulbs).

In the main kitchen area, I decided on a brushed nickel track lighting fixture from Lowes.  I purposely chose one that uses regular sized bulbs.

Lately, I’ve been on the Overstock bandwagon so I began searching there for a light for the breakfast area.   They have quite the selection and I pinned several for consideration, but ended up going with a simple white drum shade pendant.   I used a coupon for a discount and got free shipping too!  I found similar fixtures elsewhere for at least $50 more.

So what else has me on the Overstock bandwagon?  As you may recall, I ordered the range hood from Overstock first.   Then, I ordered the wine cooler.  Again, free shipping and a discount.

We now have a bar in the kitchen.  I love this new functionality.  But that meant we needed furniture to be able to actually sit at the bar.    I ordered these counter height bar stools from Overstock. They are a cheaper version of the Tolix industrial stool.

Shipping is fast.  Everything arrived within 3-5 days after ordering.  Have you guys been shopping online or in person?  Order anything exciting recently?


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7 Responses to Lights, Camera, Overstock!

  1. janice says:

    Where do you get a coupon for Overstock?

  2. Gorgeous! I love it. Such a huge update.

  3. GiMo says:

    Mission accomplished!! Looks like a totally new space, which I guess it really is. Great job!

  4. Elle says:

    wow, it’s shaping up quite nicely!!! i like the light! good riddance to the hideous fan!!!

  5. ursula says:

    you’re so clever, j. love it, love it, love it. 🙂 great before & after shots. with the completion of the backsplash, will you have a finished remodel?

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