I just called them ‘huge bottles’.  I didn’t know those large glass bottles had a name.

I saw a few at Scott’s several months ago and I have always liked the oversized glass bottles from Z Gallerie.   When I realized how much these bottles were I started wondering why they were so much.  After all they are just ‘huge bottles’ right?

Thanks to the lovely internet I learned all about demijohns and carboys.  Demijohns refer to large, skinny necked bottles usually encased in wicker. The word originated from the French  dame-jeanne, literally, Lady Jane. They were used to transport all sorts of liquids. For the originals you see today, you’ll find the wicker casing has worn away or been removed.  The older they are the more expensive they may be.

Carboy seems to refer to the large bottles with straighter sides(below) while demijohn is used in reference to the rounder shape(above).


That’s just a little research for ya.  The reason for the research, though, is because I found one of my own (on the cheap!)  Of course, I know it’s not an antique since 1980 is printed in the glass at the bottom, but I LOVE it and was happy to find it at a market nearby!  [I’ve since added another bottle to the collection]

I guess I have a light, airy, glass theme going since I recently got the Addison Lamps too.   What about you? Are you a fan of the ‘random glass jugs’ (as my husband likes to call them) as well?

I just finished up a project for the Pinterest Challenge.  Be sure to check back Wednesday for the big reveal!

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