I’ve been thinking of painting another door in the hallway black.   Here’s the deal though.   I have three doors in a super small space.  This small space is basically the other end of the foyer.

When you come in the front door, you see that tiny coat closet door (#2) from the entry and I think black would have a nice impact there. You can see a glimpse of the tiny door in this shot.So what do you think?  Should I paint just that one door black without painting the other two?   Or would it be better to paint doors 1 and 2 black and leave door 3 as is?


Update: I finally painted ’em.  See how it looks here.

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11 Responses to What to do about doors?

  1. Why can’t you paint all of them black? Would that be too dark? I do love a black interior door.

  2. Gi says:

    Think you should consider how much light you’re getting in that space. I personally like the white doors….but understand the pop effect you’re going for to the entry. Don’t think you can paint one black and leave the others white though.

  3. Hi ~ just popping in from Abode Love. I really like your little console area, just to the right of the foyer. In reply to your question though, the black door will become a focal point. Your pendant light is so pretty and the glimpse into your living room so appealing, I might be reluctant to detract from that. Your entryway is charming!

  4. I agree with the others! If one door goes black, I think they should all be painted. but, that being said, i think it could look nice!

  5. I do love the look of dark interior doors, I painted the doors in my foyer black.
    I agree with the others, I’d probably paint all three black. But you could start out by painting #1 and #2. You’ll have a better idea at that point if the third should be painted also.

  6. Suz in Florida says:

    PAINT ‘EM ALL!!! I threw caution to the wind and changed all my 6-panel doors our to louvered doors and then painted them all Rust-O-Leum Espresso. You can get it in spray or can (Home Depot) and it looks amazing. I also had a carpenter (no doubt hubby’s could do this as well) come in and put a 2″ x 10″ header over each door. Now they look really tall and take your eye straight up to the ceiling! Love it!

  7. Suzana says:

    I do not know if I would paint them. Bur hear me out, what if you took the doors off? What is that you keep in that closet? Could it be something prety to look at once you enter the home with cute baskets on shelf?

    • J. says:

      Funny you should say that today. I am posting about painting them tomorrow. I finally painted them after talking about a year ago! I am totally onboard with the idea of taking doors off though. Good idea. One door is to a bathroom, and one is to the basement so those would have to stay.

      • Suzana says:

        So the little doors are the closet doors? What is that you keep in? You could make nice shelves in there and nice baskets. So many doors in the hallway, it would be nice to break it somehow.

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