I ran into Target last week to pick up something for A and got distracted in the pillow section.  I was just coming off my sheepskin high and I was drawn to their Flokati throw pillows because they are so soft. Love love love softness.  Only $14.99 for the cream one too.

Incidentally,  it really reminds me of West Elm’s more expensive lambskin pillow. So maybe you can get the look for less!

Anyway, I restrained myself and didn’t get it.  Even though I thought it would be a wonderful texture and color to add to a room.   But a few days later, I happened to be comparing the pic from West Elm’s website with the pic of the flokati pillow from Target’s website and I noticed that the flokati pillows had gone on sale.  $10 instead of $15.  Clearly, that meant I should have one!  So now I do.  And while I was there, I went ahead and picked up the last Dwell Studio Yellow Rosette pillow they had in the store. I admire it every time I see one in a picture. It is so happy and warm. There is only one room I think the yellow will work in – we shall see.

Target also has a great collection of banana leaf baskets in all sizes and shapes right now.  So nice. I like the sheen!

And the quatrefoil pattern, which I have in the dining room, is super popular.  I saw these notebooks on the way out.   Cute.

That concludes my pillow OCD moment.  Have you found any ‘look for less’ deals lately?






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